First Look At Medal Of Honor: Warfighter’s Very Dark Gameplay

First Look At Medal Of Honor: Warfighter’s Very Dark Gameplay

Really, EA, do you have to make the first gameplay footage for the next Medal of Honor game so damn dark, huh? We know the Frostbite 2 engine that the game’s being built on can do all sorts of wonderful, amazing-looking things but we need to be able to see said things.

From what we can make out, you get clips of a hostage rescue, an interior gunfight and a boat chase sequence, all in first-person and apparently captured in-engine. And there’s dubstep. Of course.

What you can make out as clear as day are the pre-order prompts, which apparently let you play as a sniper and get some sort of headstart, both of which will be tempting for the FPS hardcore that EA’s courting with Warfighter. The game’s not out until October 23, so there will surely be more pre-order enticements on the way.


  • A while back there was the complaint that we had over saturated the WW2 FPS genre, that it had gotten stale and bland, that there was nothing exciting left in it. We rarely see a ww2 shooter now these days asides a sparse few, when we do they’re fairly interesting. I fully believe we’ve done that to the modern shooter. That to me struck me as nice looking but been there done that a thousand times before. Just cannot manage to get pumped for it. That being said, it DOES look better than part 1?

    The first casualty of war… the beards.

  • Are those fishing hats mandatory for special forces or did they just want to slip in Captain Price subliminally to make people buy this?

  • Battlefield 3.2 electric bugaloo: rushed shameless profit edition.

    In related news, the mythbusters proved you can polish a turd.

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