Free Mass Effect 3 DLC Accidentally Goes On Sale For 320 MS Points

Today's new Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack expansion is supposed to be free, so don't accidentally buy the 320 Microsoft Point version.

The official BioWare Twitter feed delivered that warning this afternoon:

Please DO NOT purchase the 320 pt. 'Resurgence Pack' consumable on XBL dash. This was erronously uploaded & we are working to take it down!

Stick with the free version, people. The Resurgence Pack is supposed to improve your multiplayer experience with two new maps, new characters, new weapons and more.


    Just goes to show that they previously planned to sell it to begin with and are giving it for free as a PR stunt. "Mistakes" like this are becoming the norm for Bioware/EA. What with the face recognition problem, which will be fixed this week but do nothing for the million and a half of us who have finished the games already weeks ago, and have no desire to play through it again just for that (or any other reason). Seriously, what the hell has happened to Bioware's mojo these last few years?

      Yum, how about. Wow! Is that great, free DLC! Good job ea/Bioware.

        r they fixing the face thing when it said that i thought they just made my character look better

      Jesus fucking christ. This guy. WAHH THE FACE RECOGNITION SUCKS
      *Bioware changes face recognition*
      *Bioware changes the ending*
      *they change it to free*

      Also, 'the million and a half of us who have finished the games already weeks ago'. Everything you are bitching about is completely invalid.

        They aren't changing the ending. They're extending it to make it longer and more painful and also adding a clarification blurb. Probably to nick community ideas.

          A lot of bitter guesswork going on there. They are indeed extending the endings, but there's no indication that this will somehow make the endings 'more painful'. And the odds of them actually nicking community ideas are extremely low.

        Thank you for your comment. Have a nice day.

    Can't wait to get online and use a GETH! I'm supposed to be packing my bags today, but GETH!
    This is going to be GETH!

      fuck Geth. BATARIANS!

        Screw both hose races, WHERE ARE THE ELCOR AND HANAR CLASSES BIOWARE?!

        Oh, chuck in a volus too

    i like the new maps but i have yet to pick up any additional new characters. really want to play as a batarian soldier :(

    good thing i read here about it, i wouldn't have known it was free when i downloaded it yesterday ;)

    Seriously EA? How many more P.R fuckups do you NEED?

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