Free Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC To Give 'More Closure'

The extra content generated in response to fan outcry over Mass Effect 3's controversial ending will be out this summer, according to a press release issued by EA this morning.

Players of the sci-fi threequel will be able to experience additional cinematics and epilogue cutscenes that add further clarity to the ending of Mass Effect 3. However, the release doesn't mention any additional gameplay content. BioWare co-founder Ray Muyzka said the following regarding the Extended Cut:

"We are all incredibly proud of Mass Effect 3 and the work done by Casey Hudson and team. Since launch, we have had time to listen to the feedback from our most passionate fans and we are responding. With the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut we think we have struck a good balance in delivering the answers players are looking for while maintaining the team's artistic vision for the end of this story arc in the Mass Effect universe."

Series executive producer Casey Hudson's elaboration in the statement says, "We have reprioritised our post-launch development efforts to provide the fans who want more closure with even more context and clarity to the ending of the game, in a way that will feel more personalised for each player."

The word "reprioritised" seems to indicate that there's more post-launch DLC coming for ME3 but that the development studio shifted plans to address certain players' anger over the game's ending.

One important sidenote: the free DLC offer expires until April 12, 2014. So, if you're planning to wait out a massive price drop for Mass Effect 3, don't wait too long.

Update: BioWare has further clarified what they're doing to the ending, vowing that they will not offer any new or different endings, just an extended one.



      Nope. Same endings with extended cut scenes.

      This is not a victory....Additional cut-scenes, but you still have your entire squad split up and no closure to the romance...So in my case with it being Liara ...having played all three games for it to just be cliffhanger like that is like a badly written novel, that while the plot was good...the climax leaves something to be desired..its just left there for hanging.. But at least in reading some of the books...if they make a game with Aria as the will be VERY interesting.

    Sigh. I hate bioware so much for setting the precident here. Look forward to telegraphed endings in all new games forever. Thanks fans.

      You have a fitting name.

      Yer in the same way allowing 18+ game certification will make games become more violent and depraved, oh and allowing gay marriage will make people want to marry cats and dogs. You literally have the same logic as those plebs.

    At least they aren't actually changing the endings, just adding some extra cinematics. Good on Bioware for sticking to their creative guns and not giving into to nerd entitlement.

      Nerd entitlement? Try promises Bioware made before ME3 was out saying the opposite of what was delivered.

      Remember how I promised you I'd not pour water on your computer?
      *pours water on your computer*

        because PR departments never EVER make promises that the development departments are not able to deliver.


          Not just PR departments, there's a great deal of quotes directly from people like Casey Hudson and Mike Gamble specifically promising that we would not get exactly what we ended up getting.

          How about producers and developers? yer...

    "the free DLC offer expires until April 12, 2014."

    EA has a Lazarus Project? :P

    so what there adding is really that video to the game.

    A whole lot of starkid and fuck all else IMO. This is new Bioware. Part of the worst corporation in America.

    i really don't care as much about the 'closure' part and the giant plotholes in the scene. is this extending the dialogue before the 'sacrifice' or after? if its after is basically a big "screw you" from BW

    I'm pretty sure the price of ME3 will drop by April 2014.

    Altered Ending:

    Shepard: I have to go now. My planet needs me.
    * Shepard's image unrealistically peels off the screen *
    Note: Shepard died on the way back to his home planet

    I don't see 3 endings, but 3 choices with the same ending... please, give us a NEW ending, not the design team's explanation o__o

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