French Presidential Candidate’s Website Hides An 8-Bit Konami Code Surprise

French Presidential Candidate’s Website Hides An 8-Bit Konami Code Surprise

Democratic Movement president François Bayrou may be a longshot in next week’s French presidential election, but he’s won my nonexistent vote with a secret NES-era message hidden in his official website via the Konami Code.

Or perhaps my vote should go to whoever created his official website. I’m not sure how politics work in France, but I don’t see Mr Bayrou sitting in front of his computer in the middle of the night, coding NES animations. Either way, the hidden message’s meaning is clear: this is an incredibly hip website, and by association so is François Bayrou.

Seeing as I took three years of high school French, I have absolutely no idea what the message here is. The Telegraph, where I am betting our tipster first heard the news, says that the splash screen contains the message “Un pays uni, rien ne lui resiste” (nothing can resist a united nation). We’ll go with that. As for the rest, at no point does it say “My dog is dead because I ate my dog” (Mon chien est mort parce que j’ai mangé mon chien), which is the only full French sentence I know.

To see the message for yourself, hit up the link and enter in the fabled Code of Konami. That’s up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B and A. Normally there’s a start in there as well, but standard keyboards don’t let’s start.

I wish François Bayrou all the best in whatever he decides to do after losing the election next week.

François Bayrou [Campaign Website — Thanks David!]


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