From Space Combat To Build-and-Battle In A Single Starhawk Mission

How does Starhawk for the PlayStation 3 seamlessly transition between twitchy spaceship shooter to strategic ground-based build-and-battle gameplay? Lightbox Interactive's Dylan Jobe talks us through an entire single-player mission.

I might need to hire a friend to help me play Starhawk. When it comes to space sims, I am at the top of my game, ready to take on all comers. Once I hit the ground, however, I might need to pass the controller over to someone a little more qualified to shoot-n-scoot.

I'll have to act fast — Starhawk is due out on the PlayStation 3 next month.


    Looks amazing, cant wait :D
    Hopefully the online community will be buzzing aswell

    Nice. I know a lot of people hated Brutal Legend and doing something like this is a big/costly venture, but I really think blurring the genre lines and dragging RTS elements into more games is the way to go. Amping up to global/galactic conflicts is like the corner stone of modern game writing so it fits into so many games.

    This looks bloody amazing. I've been waiting for a great arcadey space combat game since Rogue Squadron II and this looks to combine that with Trenched. Can't wait.

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