Gabe Newell Just Made My Little Pony Fans Extremely Happy

Let's get this out of the way first thing in the morning, before the rest of the herd tramples down Kotaku's tips email. During an interview with Geek a Week's Len Peralta, Valve head honcho and 854th richest man on the planet Gabe Newell admits that he is, as suspected, a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

And then came the cheers. The manly, manly cheers.

At around 15:35 in the Newell episode of the always entertaining Geek a Week podcast, Len asks Gabe what he secretly geeks out about, to which Gabe simply replies "I watch My Little Pony." Now that could simply mean he's a casual watcher, maybe stopping on it while flipping through the channels, so Len follows up with, "So you're a Brony?"

The incredibly excited folks over at Equestria Daily captured his answer for the historical archives.

Now I'm not implying that this could be the real reason we've not seen Half-Life Episode 3 yet, but season two of the show has been really good. I'm just putting that out there. Maybe he's retooling it into Hoof-Life Episode 3!

Also, does this make him the richest Brony in the world?

Geek a Week Interview with Gabe Newell [Geek a Week]

Gabe Newell Joins the Herd [Equestria Daily]


    Everything's better with ponies.

    Gabe is fully fat John Lennon in the top photograph.

    I like the show, but I'd warn most to stay away from calling themselves Bronies: that group is horrifyingly embarrassing in their 'horse love.'

      yep, i'm in the same boat as you

      i love the show, but some people that do things in the name of being a "brony" just makes them look like assholes. spamming threads with pictures and videos of ponies, then just saying "love and tolerate" and explaining how bronies don't get mad at people is just being a troll.

        Well, that's criminally wrong, even the bronies hate those types of people. Being a brony means to appreciate all of the "culture" if you want to call it that, the massive amount of fan art, fan music, fan animation, fan... fiction I guess...

        Please dont lump us in with a bunch of trolls and/or people who can't contain their enthusiasm.

    Psst, Fahey, typo! "not scene Half-Life Episode 3 yet" should be 'seen'.

    4chan's /v/ board, who until now idolised Gabe as their defacto god, have absolutely been shitting themselves over this revelation (on account of them hating the ponies (well they hate everything)).

    It has been quite hilarious.

      I can imagine. Hey, maybe we can send him some letters about a lesson we all learnt about getting our work done on time? Might get the point across, yeah?

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