Game Developer Recreates The Solar System While Looking For Work

Chris Albeluhn's out of work, like all too many Americans. But instead of wasting time on Facebook or sleeping until 3pm like I used to do when between jobs, Albeluhn made an interactive 3D map of the universe using the popular Unreal Engine. The out-of-work developer started raising funds on IndieGoGo and currently has enough money to hit a planned PC release for his space exploration program.

It's incredibly cool to look at and contains accurate astronomical data, to boot. Albeluhn has said that he'd like The Solar System to wind up in educational institutions and that's a good a reason as any to go and donate to his efforts.

Awesome Solar System App Uses The Unreal Engine [Game Informer]


    Funny, yesterday I too created an accurate model of solar system; though mine wasn't as nice as his.

      then you flushed it down the loo?

    Just to be be picky his boundaries are missing the Earth's newest country - South Sudan. :P

    Nah looks pretty sweet.

    what would be sweet is if you had a death star and could drive it around the map blowing planets up.

    and as you get to a planet swarms of one-man rebel fighters that evade your turbo lasers fly up and attack that exhaust pipe you stupidly left as a direct path to the huge reactor in the interior of your space station (that isn't a moon)

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