Gameloft’s Newest Mobile Game Looks A Lot Like… Crysis 2?

Gameloft’s Newest Mobile Game Looks A Lot Like… Crysis 2?

People give the mobile-game developer Gameloft guff for making games that are perhaps overly-“inspired” by other popular games.

But it’s interesting to look at them as a reflection of the increasing horsepower and ambition of mobile games — they’ve certainly come a long way since Hero of Sparta, anyway.

This exclusive trailer for their newest game, Nova, demonstrates the ever-increasing sophistication. In fact, Nova looks like nothing so much as Crysis 2, which… well, for a mobile app is no small feat.


  • When I think about the games I play and love, I like to imagine they were made by a team of artisans who are proud of their work – a product of passion – and not based on a decision from corporate folk who know about money but not about games. It’s for this reason that I can’t bring myself to play anything by Gameloft.

  • Impressive graphics for a mobile but not gonna give gameloft any credit for ripping off countless games.

    cant understand why people purchase their crap thb.

    • I agree with the fact that they have ripped off countless franchises. The reason people still buy their crap is because its actually a rip off of very high standards. not something thats been slapped together roughly to milk a pre-existing franchise cash-cow. They know how to make games, what they need is some creative game designers,.

  • Thats the whole thing about art it is allowed to be taken and re imagined or just an original idea created from scratch that’s why it’s so beautiful… Some people just don’t get it!

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