Gamers Watch Over 3 Billion Minutes Of Competitive Gaming Per Month

Thinking of "CBS" and "sports" conjures up images of quiet rounds of golf, or the contained frenzy of a college basketball game. Now, however, CBS Interactive is throwing its hat into the world of virtual competitions, focusing its energies on the rapidly growing world of eSports.

Competitive gaming is growing rapidly, here in the early years of the 21st century, and CBS wants in on it. This morning, they announced partnerships with both TwitchTV and Major League Gaming, making CBS Interactive the sole online broadcaster of Major League Gaming's Pro Circuit events and the sole seller of advertising for the streaming service.

The rise of spectator eSports spells money for broadcasters of the games. The Major League Gaming scene is quite popular with the perennial favourite advertising demographic of young men 18-34, and its audiences are devoted, staying tuned in for long periods of time. According to CBS, viewers tune into live gaming competitions for 23 minutes at a stretch, as compared to a three-minute average for other types of internet video.

More impressively, CBS claims that across their own sites only, they serve up more than three billion minutes of streaming game-related video per month to their visitors, a number which they hope to increase.

Competitive gaming still has its naysayers, but the allure that a well-played match of StarCraft II or Mortal Kombat has for a number of players and spectators can't be understated. Video games are an industry worth billions of dollars, and despite setbacks and challenges along the way, eSports continues every year to become a bigger part of that world.

Top photo: Major League Gaming


    please, don't bother with an article on American TV. nobody gets cable anymore, especially not for gaming TV

    oops its about streaming. well, I still think esports is a load if awkward crap

      How ignorant..

      3 billion minutes of viewing off 1 site makes your comments awkward.
      bakyarou indeed.

      You are an idiot ha haha haha haaaaa.

      Want more statistics? Check out MLG's stats from 2011 -

      Awkward? No. Extremely popular? yes.

    This is why every game should have a spectator mode,
    Looking at you Battlefield 3,
    I would have watched most of the games of the Nations Cup that Australia Won.
    Thats alot of hours right there.

    Pretty weak article by kotaku, do you guys hate eSports in general? Or shy away from it after last years blunder article?

    This is quite possibly one of the biggest things to happen to the scene, and it's played down immensely here.

    I prefer to go over to TwitchTV for entertainment rather than watch normal television these days, it's growing and this is a step in the right direction.

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