Gametraders Extend Its Clearance Sale

Gametraders has extended its clearance sale and also added new products to the list of discounted games. All the products can be purchased online so there is no need to queue up at a store only to find that they are out of stock.

Among the deals are Gears of War 3 ($29.95), Shadows of the Damned ($19.95), Super Maro 3D Land ($39.95), Skyrim ($49.95), The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword ($49.95) and Final Fantasy XIII-2 ($49.95).

New titles that were added to the sale yesterday include:

PS3 Mass Effect 3 - $49.95 PS3 and 360 Ninja Gaiden 3 - $39.95 PS3 and 360 Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - $49.95 PS3 and 360 Street Fighter x Tekken - $49.95 PS3 and 360 Tiger Woods 2013 Master Ed - $49.95 PS3 and 360 Operation Flash Point Red River - $9.95

3DS Mario and Sonic London Olympics - $39.95 3DS Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater - $39.95 3DS One Piece Unlimited Cruise - $39.95 3DS Resident Evil Mercenaries - $39.95

NDS Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - $19.95 NDS Pokemon Diamond - $29.95 NDS Pokemon Pearl - $29.95

PC Assassins Creed Revelations - $19.95 PC Battlefield Bad Company 2 - $9.95 PC Duke Nukem Forever - $9.95 PC Homefront - $9.95 PC NBA 2K12 - $19.95 PC Star Wars The Old Republic Online - $39.95

PS3 Assassins Creed Revelations - $39.95 PS3 Crysis 2 - $19.95 PS3 Dead Island - $29.95 PS3 Disgaea 4 - $29.95 PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controllers Black and Blue $49.95ea PS3 Harry Potter Years 5 - 7 - $39.95 PS3 Resistance 3 - $29.95

Wii Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - $49.95 Wii Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess $29.95 Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy $49.95 Wii PokePark 1 and 2 - $39.95ea

[Gametraders via Alex Kidman]


    Hmmm... well, I just called my local one and was told that the sale was online only and that they don't price match. :(

    Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy $49.95. yummy :)

      Good to note that it was discontinued a while ago, so it's just going to get harder and harder to find - especially with the sexy slipcase still in tact.
      A great buy :D

        I disagree. I got the Metroid Prime Trilogy (with a slipcase) over 2 years ago from Kmart for $30.

          ....Exactly. Two years ago is a long time. Back then there were still copies floating around in Kmart and usuall full-priced ones at Myer too. Now you'd be lucky to see it anywhere at all, let alone for a reasonable price.

        It is a great buy, but slipcase, Chuloopa? Man, I hate slipcases!

          well i went to the trouble of importing the us version with slipcase AND steelbook.

            I went to the less pricey trouble of buying just the packaging+documentation of the US steelbook version, perfect for storing my AU copy once I picked it up for super cheap. Sits nicely next to my Japanese copy of Other M a friend got me :P

    they have the same server issues as Dick Smith online tho...

    what are shipping times like?

      Within 3 days for express. I ordered last week. Biggest annoyance is their "Identity Check". They charge your card a small amount (under $3), then ask you to email the amount to make sure you not using someone elses card (Fraud etc). They do take that amount off the total though, so whilst a speed bump, you dont pay more.

    I just ordered Snake Eater for $47 over the weekend from JB FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

    Pssst, Tracey, typo: PS3 Disgaera 4 should be Disgaea, yes?


    Dick Smith Sale was way better. That's a fact!! I scored 6 games for 30 bucks an Xbox for $100 and 2 DSI's for 2O a piece. Dicks sale was the best gaming sale I have ever been too, 1000s would agree along with a few DSE employeess

      I think you mean 'thousands of dse employees would agree... plus a couple of customers!'

      which dse do you work at btw?

        Don't work for Dicks....

          Bet you sure do enjoy a few though....

          If thats the case, which store does family member/friend work at?

          Make 'em work for you?

          I picked up UC3 and Shadow of the damned in the last sale. Nothing here I want.

      Even though you're trolling, you're still deserving of a heaping big pile of scorn for that comment.

    if you managed to legitimatly get something from the "sale" (if it can be called that) then awesome but if you simply just want to be a douche, then well played sir well played - you succeeded

    $50 for ME3 sounds like a good deal.

      After the anger at ME3 they may drop the price quickly, If anyone remembers Dragon Age 2 that was under 20 bucks within 3 months of release after everyone panned it. Mind you people don't hate ME3 as a game so much as they just hate a particular part.

      Its funny that most places today DA:O costs more than DA2.

    A pokemon game under $70! I call bull

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