Ghost Recon Future Solider's Multiplayer Trailer Unleashes Invisible Soldiers Everywhere

The trailer for Ubisoft's in-bound squad shooter promises all sort of invisible mayhem. And turrets and drones. What happens if everyone's cloaked at once, though? What happens, then?!

In GRFS' online portion, up to 12 players can play in 6v6 matches. Game modes include Conflict, Saboteur, Decoy and Siege, where players will need to execute co-op tactics to win. There'll be 10 maps at launch and you'll be able to play as a Rifleman, Engineer or Scout. You'll be able to tag enemies across maps, too. And a new suppression system will enable easier enemy flanking. Or so we hope. There's always the invisibility thing, too.


    The graphics in the video shot look sooo, PS2-era bad.

    i will be very interested in seeing what happens if everyone cloaks at the same time in mulitplayer,
    as i have seen previous games have cloaking into multiplayer area and failed unless they put a big resriction on it. what would stop a scout just sitting there cloaked the whole time and jsut go phew phew phew

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