Giant Killing Machines, Direct From Russia

Hope you like giant instruments of destruction. Because Russian artist KaranaK specialises in giant instruments of destruction.

Most of the vehicles you'll see in these galleries are from Star Conflict and Russian game Project Genome. Others are just personal pieces.

You can see more on his DeviantArt page.

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    They look cool

    I hate you Luke.

    Like.. do some proper journalism like everyone else for once.

      Wait a sec... is cheesus name?

        Or perhaps cheesus is another reader that either doesn't realise that lukes articles are syndicated from the US site & that's a better place to share his thoughts, or maybe cheesus, like name is too scared to do it where luke will see it.

    Then where should I post for Luke to see it? I want his ass fired.

    Is Luke Flunkedit ever going to do a proper article? Is he even capable of such? I can't believe he gets payed for what he submits to this site..

    These look awesome

    So why has Kotaku (US or AU) not yet spoken about Star Conflict? It looks pretty shiny!

    Game website - as linked above.
    Trailer -

    Also these people bashing Plunkett are getting out of hand, and I'm seeing less reason to read the comments and engage in the community because of it.

    I wish this guy did the ship design for EVE.

    I love Karanak, he is one of my favourite artist, he also dabbles in scantily clad manga girls


    Where can I buy an artbook, this stuff is glorious.

    I don't get some people's issue! This is entirely relevant and interesting, therefore is a worthwhile post on the site!

    I personally have been studying this guy's work for the last 2 weeks in my Games Design course. He has some super interesting work and an extremely creative mind and you've pointed me to some of his creations I hadn't found yet. Thank you Kotaku!

    People who don't find the "Fine Art" section relevant to their interests can simply not read the article!
    That's the beauty of being able to preview the articles title and the section it is posted in before you click on it.

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