Gotham City Impostors’ Next Update Delivers A Third Batch Of Free Content

Gotham City Impostors’ Next Update Delivers A Third Batch Of Free Content

The gang in charge of Gotham City Impostors wants you to know another wad of cool content is dropping soon, all for the affordable price of $0. It has yet to release, but that video above has, which means the title update is on the way soon.

You’ll get a new map, the East End of Gotham, which the local Realtors say is perfect for your “scummy dilapidated urban murdering needs”. Nice. A new game mode, “Bounty Hunter”, encourages you to pick up coins dropped from fallen friends and foes alike. Finally, English is no longer your character’s only language option; Spanish, French, Italian and German will be included.


  • How about they just make the game playable first, and make the rocket launcher so its not the only weapon EVERYONE use.

    • Everyone uses it because it’s the easiest to spam at chokepoints. It’s not the most effective weapon though, not by a long shot. As someone who runs a Dawn Patrol / Rocket Launcher / Boomerang build, I get more kills per game with DP or even Boomerang->Punch than I do with rocket launchers.

  • It’s been a lot better since the last update fixed matchmaking and they added an FOV slider. I just wish there was a larger local player base, but it’s still brilliant fun.

  • Fix matchmaking first please.

    I’ve ‘played the game for 6 hours on steam’ and only have a little under 4 hours ‘game time’ on the inbuilt stats system.

    yeah, so much time spent in the lobby

  • I get a feeling that they are working on fixing the games major problems, and that’s probably a massive job that only certain people can do. Even then, addressing any issues is not a simple matter of “This is the problem, this is how we fix it”, they need to go through certain steps to address any issues properly, and that process can involve multiple people.

    More importantly, they need to analyze why certain problems occur, which may not be easy as it seems most of the people who complain, do just that, complain. They don’t post any system specs or really specify what happens. The more specific information they get, the higher the chance they’ll be able to fix problems.

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