Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Not the Pokémons. There's too many of them, and just when you think you've got them all, Nintendo goes and creates more.

Catching all the coloured variations of the Nintendo 64 control pad, though, that's probably easier. And more impressive. And practical!

[via is it real]


    are there 3 of the transparent ones?

      One of them is the transparent with a purple hue...

    I don't think Pokemons is the plural for Pokemon. It's just one Pokemon, two Pokemon. "I'm off to catch a bunch of Pokemon," Ash exclaimed with glee. Kind of like how you say one sheep, two sheep... not sheeps.

      It's funny, because the plural for Digimon is Digimons. Isn't that weird?

    not to jump on name's bandwagon here. but a picture of a bunch of controllers applies as news how?

      Because it's neat.

      Well.. i think it's pretty bloody neat.
      Love how they are all displayed ,too :D

      Also - to flog a dead horse - Kotaku isn't just news.

    I had blue and red.

    He's missing the unbranded solid orange one. The only one I see here is the transparent one and a promotional one.
    I've still got the orange one floating around somewhere.
    Collection is incomplete.

      Yeah actually you are right. I was wracking my brain hoping there was one missing and there is- the original orange one.

    thats a pretty decent collection...

    N64 controllers werent the most durable things though - all the sticks ground down or my dog chewed the cords.
    make your next controller dog proof Nintendo.

      Oh yeah, if you've ever opened one of these up, those analog sticks were designed to fail. I wonder how many of the controllers in the photo are screwed?

        The insides of the joystick were made of plastic, and wore down so that they looked like a wide oval, rather then four sets of straight lines. This can be fixed with some careful work and some tin sheet.

        The joysticks from gamecube controllers can be transplanted directly onto the N64 controller IC, and glue right into position perfectly. You can buy them off ebay for quite cheap.

        As an added bonus, these fixed controllers no longer give you Nintenditis.

          I always used the braces rubber band trick.

    Now to whip out Mario Party and make them all useless.

    NES, SNES, Mega Drive and N64 were all consoles that I only had one official controller on, and the rest were all third-party.

    At some point I realised third-party N64 controllers were all terrible and vowed to only ever buy first-party from then on.

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