Grand Theft Auto: Iraq Is No Game, It’s Just Assholes With Guns

Grand Theft Auto: Iraq Is No Game, It’s Just Assholes With Guns

Mercenary outfit Blackwater has been accused of some pretty terrible things during its time operating as a “security contractor” in Iraq. Something captured in these shocking videos.

Part of a great feature over on Harper’s (registration required), they show what happens when angry men are overpaid and set loose on a country that, while everyone else was there at least trying to help, was to them just an opportunity to operate outside the law.

Motherboard’s Derek Mead likens the spectacle to a game of Grand Theft Auto, something that’s hard to argue with. The shooting, the smashing of other cars and, in one disgusting sequence, the hit-and-run of an innocent civilian, it’s all stuff that litters the experience of an open-world game, and which sickeningly appears just as enjoyable to these meatheads as it does to your average gamer.

If you were wondering just why a video game based on the exploits of Blackwater was such a controversial subject, well, now you know why.

Warning: some of the content is quite graphic.

The warrior class: A golden age for the freelance soldier [Harper’s, via Motherboard]


  • Hell. I knew they were bad, I didn’t know they were THAT bad. I knew they had killed civilians, but this footage really makes it clear that these guys were the worst kinds of mercenaries.

    Were’t many of them former special operations guys? Or former soldiers? I guess everyone can turn into an animal when they are given immunity from all laws. Because when Blackwater were operating in Iraq, they were literally immune from US army prosecution, Iraqi Prosecution and US Civilian prosecution – they quite literally had no one to answer to, and I suppose this is the result.

    I’m just glad that they’re almost bankrupt.

  • What the actual f**k!
    To think former soldiers and operators could justify doing this to innocents even under ‘legal immunity’>
    Just plain sickening.

  • Proof that the worst parts of man kind can still find legal reasoning to do what they want and screw every one else :S

  • This is not video game related and doesn’t belong on this site.

    Is he going to post that Kony video and attempt to relate it to Far Cry 2 or something next?

    • There was/is a black water game that got some minor coverage.

      And I don’t have much else to say in reply that wouldn’t be abusive, so yeah that would probably be his thought chain.

    • No its not a game but this is exactly the kind of shit that exploitative shitheads and irresponsible news organisations imply that playing games like grand theft auto turns normal people into. That makes it exactly the kind of thing kotaku should post

  • no surprises here. i don’t think normal civilians apply for jobs in mercenary organisations.
    hell look at russian mafia and mexican mafia, ex KGB/Spetnaz for the Russians and ex- US trained special forces make up Zetas. Not alot of work going for unwanted soldiers, and they are normally forcefully discharged types too.

    and while Blackwater are going bust, there will be plenty of private military corporations soon who do the jobs UN and other countries won’t bother with.

  • I don’t kid myself into thinking I’m politically minded, beyond what directly affects my life – but footage is taaaame. The attitudes of the worst kinds of soldiers are documented in Taxi To The Dark Side, and This Is War.

  • Why does the news not show this?
    Why are these mercenaries not behind bars?
    Scumbags like these are not needed in this world or any.

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