Guns, Pretty Ladies & Street Fighters

Artist Arnold Tsang worked on APB before it died and was unceremoniously brought back. He's also, as Capcom fans may soon recognise, part of the Udon crew, who are unrelenting in their ability to release coffee table books full of awesome Street Fighter art.

Right now, he's working at Blizzard. And right now, we're going to look at some of his amazing artwork.

I remember when APB was first shown off, that art looked good. Probably too good, in the end, since the actual product never really captured the same vibe.

You can see more of his work at <a href="arnistotle">Tsang's DeviantArt page.

[via Concept Art World]


    That One Piece art he's done needs more Brooke. Still got a laugh out of it though. Zoro drinking cola. Ha!

      One Piece always needs LESS Brooke.

        Chances are it was drawn up before Brooke was introduced. Brooke is bawss.

    I've seen this APB art SO MANY TIMES, sure Tsang is awesome but he's done plenty of stuff since it was done ages ago.

    It's cool, but damn those girls look unhealthy, even being stylised. Pushing that eating disorder image ftl.

      Clearly you haven't looked at a fashion magazine lately. Those women illustrated are quite healthy compared to what you see in Vogue, Bazaar or Grazia. I actually think they are quite well proportioned, just tiny waists.

    What happens when I'm bored at work and I see awesome artwork like this.

    I'm impressed with it, I don't know about you guys.

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