Guy Almost Makes A Glorious Knife Kill, Gets Denied By Trigger-Happy Victim

Scoring a knife kill in a first-person shooter is the ultimate insult to your victim. It's one of the most satisfying kills, too.

But it's not always easy to pull off, as this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player finds out. He looks to be basically on the camera-focused player's shoulders, so close to getting that glorious knife kill.

Unfortunately for the knifer, YouTube user (and victim) Rustsandstuffs manages to turn around just in time to spray-and-pray the hell out of him before he can make the knife swipe. His terrified wails as a result to the close call are hilarious, and even more hilarious in the proceeding slow-motion version.

Knife surprise! [Reddit]


    The hell is this crap? This is about as bad as IGN's "Top 10 MW3 kills of the week"

    ... stuff like this happens many times a night on CSS... just sayin

    The slo mo is great.
    You see him turn, then see the should of the guy, turn back around and just blindfire xD

    Instant meme

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