Guy Teams Up With His Mother To Defend Video Games

A Canadian gamer has partnered with his mum, a psychology professor at Grant MacEwan University, to self-publish a book in defence of gaming.

The 27-year-old Teace Snyder teamed up with his 65-year-old mother, Jayne Gackenbach, to write Play Reality, a book that examines the positive effects of video games and attempts to combat some of the common misconceptions about the way gaming affects our brains.

"Half of the argument right now is based on misinformation, so a lot of the book (written in an edgy format for gamers) has to go directly to teach people what is fact and what they've been misled to believe, unfortunately," Snyder told the Edmonton Journal.

Good thing it's written in an edgy format for gamers. I don't know how we'd read it otherwise. Still, it's nice to hear positive things about gaming from mothers (and psychology professor mothers at that).

"What's going on right now isn't anomalous, it's quite typical," Snyder said to the Journal. "What we have is a new form of media that people don't understand (like TV before it), so they jump on the bandwagon, denouncing it the worst thing in the world and it's going to ruin the next generation... But that's not the case. It's just going to change them, and it's important to understand those changes and to delve deeper into the research."

Edmonton mother and son play video games together, and write a book [Edmonton Journal]

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    'written in an edgy format for gamers'

    oh dear...

    Maybe this article is making it sound worse than it is, I certainly haven't read it but 'edgier' for gamers? It would be counterproductive to write a book about the positives of gaming and then pander to a gaming stereotype to get gamers to read it.

    You can read some of the book here

    Doesn't look too bad for the most part but some of those chapter headings make me cringe.

      edgy format for gamers? ....they'll probably release it on itunes :P

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