Halo 4 Out On November 6

Microsoft's Halo 4 will be out November 6, 2012, publisher Microsoft said today. That's also the day Americans will vote for the next President. My money's on Cortana.

The upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive first-person shooter will mark "the first chapter of a brand new Halo saga," the company said. This will be the first entry in the series developed exclusively by studio 343 Industries.

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    343 has the benefit of the doubt as far as I'm concerned. I really hope it's good.

    Oh, so November 6 is the day the forums are flooded with complaints about the game not being Halo 2?

    y is everone putting so much stock into halo 2, sure its was a great game for its time but its done. Halo 3 was fun and who hasnt sunk endless hours in multiplayer! ODST and Reach were a tad dissapointing but looking forward to this one !

    looks like i'll have to dust off the old 360 for this...
    too bad it not on pc since its no longer bungie...

    i havent been this excited about halo since the first one... Im expecting some epic multiplayer...

    Released same day as the vote? It looks like the Americans have found a way to completely eliminate both the frat boy and gamer votes from their election system. Not that the frat boys voted anyway.

      Unless some sort of catastrophic event occurs, Obama's pretty much got the election in the bag anyway :P

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