Halo 4 Out On November 6

Halo 4 Out On November 6

Microsoft’s Halo 4 will be out November 6, 2012, publisher Microsoft said today. That’s also the day Americans will vote for the next President. My money’s on Cortana.

The upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive first-person shooter will mark “the first chapter of a brand new Halo saga,” the company said. This will be the first entry in the series developed exclusively by studio 343 Industries.

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  • Oh, so November 6 is the day the forums are flooded with complaints about the game not being Halo 2?

  • y is everone putting so much stock into halo 2, sure its was a great game for its time but its done. Halo 3 was fun and who hasnt sunk endless hours in multiplayer! ODST and Reach were a tad dissapointing but looking forward to this one !

  • Released same day as the vote? It looks like the Americans have found a way to completely eliminate both the frat boy and gamer votes from their election system. Not that the frat boys voted anyway.

    • Unless some sort of catastrophic event occurs, Obama’s pretty much got the election in the bag anyway 😛

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