Minecraft's Cool Xbox 360 Split-Screen In Action

Back in March, I found a new reason to get excited about the Xbox 360 version of Mincraft. Namely, split-screen local multiplayer for up to four players. I think it'll be really fun to have friends over and play Minecraft together.

Today at PAX East, Stephen Totilo got another look at the game and shot this video depicting how the split-screen works. Neat-o.


    Based on 1.6 :0
    PC is up to 2.5 now... Don't know if I could go back that far.

    Am I not getting the point of minecraft? Adults don't play it right? I liked Lego as a kid. But then I grew up.

    It is a game squarely aimed at kids (it's my 8yo's favourite game) and here's the genius of this xbox version, even though we have the PC version I'm considering actually spending the ridiculous amount of points (1600) to get this because of the split screen function!

    I know heaps of adults that play pc version its expensive in micrsoft points but it looks like it will be half decent.

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