The Cast Of Mass Effect 3 As You've Never Seen

In another round of uncensored video games, Mass Effect 3 characters say some pretty odd things.

I love the dialogue in BioWare's games, but the funny, uncensored twist is great for laughs. Definitely breaks the tension of that whole "end of the world", "the Reapers are coming" thing.

[Thanks Mathue!]


    This was on kotaku 20 days ago

      That's great... Now it's here. It's the first time I've seen it and I quite enjoyed it. So how about you shut your pie hole and move on, good sir?
      Delete my comment if you will, fine site moderators, but I'm so sick and tired of whiny know-it-alls who have nothing better to do that complain that "I've seen this already on another site, therefore it's rubbish!" Go look at something else!!!
      Oh, and thanks for the post, guys... It was great! Laughed out loud. Cheers!

        Uh, what? They said Kotaku, not "another site". As in, this story was already published by Kotaku, and now they've done it again. I also saw the original. What if they published every news story twice? The site would be an absolute mess.

          Fair enough, Mr Waffle. I stand corrected, that was harsh from me and I apologise, Khar. I took your comment as meaning it was on the US Kotaku site, something that people whine about all the time. My bad... Still loved the post! Rock on.

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