Here's What 6.5 Million Video Game Bullets Look Like

Valve has been keeping track of the people currently playing the beta for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Not just who's winning and who's losing, but really interesting stuff, like where everyone is standing when they pull the trigger.

The result of that kind of data-tracking is this glorious map (of de_train), showing exactly where players were when they decided to up and shoot somebody. As you can see, some spots are relatively tranquil. Others, well, they're battlegrounds. Or, to be more correct, since this is tracking where people were standing, campsites.

The Science of CS:GO [Valve, via PC Gamer]


    Very interesting, I frequent those locations.

    This is the sort of stuff CoD doesn't do lol.

      a lot of games dont do this "lol"

        CoD fan spotted

          Why, because he made a good point?

            No, because he came to the defense of CoD. Nothing can defend that shit.

    Could just as much be a map of places I got shot in the head.

    Didn't Bungie do similar with Halo?

      Yes, and they also did death zones, grenade explosions, melee kills, and that sort of stuff. Bungie did love them some stats.

    I'd like to see one done with the places people died and one where it shows the places people got shot. It'd be interesting to see where you were most likely to get shot based on weapon.

      They could combine all that by making this sort of thing but with lines from firing point to destination, with direction and distance.

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