Here's Your First Look At Cortana In Halo 4

Cortana sure looks blue in this brand new Halo 4 art, which will be on this month's cover of the gaming magazine Game Informer.

The May issue of Game Informer will show off some pretty pictures of the highly-anticipated upcoming shooter, as well as more details about the story and multiplayer mechanics.

May Cover Revealed: Halo 4 [Game Informer]


    Is it jus me or do some of her computer genersted assets look bigger?

      Haha! Nah she definetly has bigger....ambitions lol
      Good to see the guys at 343 have been working 'hard' lol

      thats the first thing i noticed

      i guess its easy for an AI to grow her assets with a few tweaks here and there :P

      Cortana's digital "assets" have increased in size with each numbered title. Her hair has gotten longer every game too so this concept is defying at least one of those trends.

    Halo 2 Cortana is still my favourite.

    Subtle. Very subtle.

    How to Have a Nude Chick in Your Game and Not Get Called On It.

    I dont like the chiefs new helmet. Cortana looks great though, prettier face and bigger cans. No complaints here

      Oh wow, that new helmet looks terrible.
      It doesn't even look like Master Chief, just some other spartan.

    Weren't we just having a bunch of articles about women's representation in games being unrealistic. Admittedly this is a sci-fi and this chick is a computer... but that kind of makes it even more confusing for her to be sexy...

    Of course this is how she looks though since Halo 1, were not gonna make strides in women's image by retconning a famous series.

      Cortana had a far more conservative appearance in Halo: CE. She had much shorter hair and her physical features were not pronounced. This changed every numbered title though. This concept appears to be a mix between Halo: CE Cortana's hair and Halo 3 Cortana's physique.

    More importantly, why is she so damn big.
    inb4 they revolve the whole game about the relationship between John and the life-sized hologram.

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