Hey Mean Cop, Don't Choke The Dude In The Anime Shirt!

Don't choke anybody actually. Snapped by photographer Paul Weiskel, this photo was taken of an individual protesting an anti-LGBT Tea Party rally. An individual wearing a Neon Genesis Evangelion shirt.

Are police allowed to chokehold unarmed protestors? That purple wig is no weapon.

Cops have their guns. All's right with the world. [Albotas]

(Top photo: Paul Weiskel [Flickr)


    I'm giving you a speeding ticket!... For that awfully fast pulse you have!

    Quick, a photo of someone wearing an anime shirt. Better post it up as news on a video game website.


      You do know the word "Otaku" in this sites name pretty much goes hand in hand with anime?

        Yeah, but saying this is related to anime at all is stretching it QUITE a bit. This is pure politics.

          But his post was in reply to Michael who tried to make out this site is devoted to video games (which it 90% of the site is made up of) where in otaku relates to manga, anime and video games, or the culture therein.

        There's nothing in the site's title about videogames either. So what's with all these video game articles? It's bullshit.

          No but it's heading that can be found on your browser tab and on Google is;

          "The Gamer's Guide; Computer and video game news and reviews"

          Plus, it's been said before that a website's name does not always count as an indication of content.

        The word "Otaku" actually refers to anyone unhealthily obsessed with something and it's a common misconception that it only refers to people who watch anime. Western society really only started associating the word with someone who is obsessed with Eastern culture, most often anime and manga, because of a self enforcing cycle of fans of Japanese culture labelling themselves as such. The word has a lot more broader meaning to the Japanese and is associated with a greater variety of hobbies.

          i enjoy japanese media more than most but dont label myself as an otaku...

      The question we have to ask ourselves is: if he was wearing a normal shirt, would this belong here at all?

    hand on throat does not automatically constitute choking. you'd have to actually grip strongly to close the wind pipe.

    with that said, that cop totally looks like Carl Winslow.

    Dem video games <3

    For all you know the kid could have layed a hand on the cop first.

    Just saying.

      ^^^ Republican.

        Moron ^^^

      Y-yeah! That hoodlum was wearing a hoodie! He deserved it! The lying rat just took it off to display the magnificence of his Neon Genesis: Evangelion shirt!


      Hell look at the pepper spray cop incident. Once the whole video was released, a lot of people changed their tune.

    Quick Alert micheal moore about police brutality

    Someone with a NG:E shirt was choked? Where's the negative news?

      Maybe the guy put his hand on the cops cheek? And that caused the cop to have a breakdown

    i learnt a long time ago not to judge on one picture. Video is different in that you see what happened but theres no telling if the cop was reacting or the aggressor
    that aside, out of place article is out of place.

    American police are able to get away with just about anything actually. This photo portrays some of the least violent activities I've seen them do. Go onto Youtube and have a look at some of the shit they get up to. Groups of cops beating the shit out of unarmed, handcuffed people is very common. People who have ended a car chase unconscious or unable to move due to serious injury have also been surrounded by police and seriously abused.

      Because we should have sympathy for the idiot who runs from the police and places the public in grave danger?

      At any rate, probably not the place for this conversation

        In the case of the freeway chase - I dont have sympathy for the perp, but I do wonder about the sort of person wjo beats up on someone when there crippled.

    Ashcroft seems like the kind of person who would interrupt your nice conversation with someone to tell you a pointless story about himself.

      I lol'd. He so does.

    Oh the "nerve" of that ociffer.


    The guys probably an abusive and violent left wing greenie who thinks humans are capable of heating an entire planet or some shit.
    I hardly doubt the cop would target some random innocent protester.
    RESPECT POLICE OFFICERS. 99% are good.

      That's a pretty awesome impression of how batshit retarded extreme conservatives are.

      A++, would read again.

    ...dainbramage... please read before commenting "this photo was taken of an individual protesting an anti-LGBT Tea Party rally" he was protesting the anti-LGBT not a part of it.

    How is this asshole still working for this website?!?!?!!?

    to me it actually looks like the hold you would use to take a person down backwards, look where the pressure from his palm is, on the guys upper chest. There is no significant pressure around the neck itself, the thumb is also in a useless position for a 'choke' hold. Having done quite a bit of martial arts, this more looks like the cop was getting ready to force the guy to the ground, probably using his leg to lock the guys feet from stepping back. Generally done after an assault or threat of assault.

    Also could be unrelated or not relevant in Boston, but that blue bandanna (around his face) is also generally worn by crip associated gang members.

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