Hey, Zelda, Get Off Link's Back

He's got enough to worry about without you banging on about saving this, or doing that, or going wherever.

Like it? You've got artist George Alexopoulos to thank. Then you've got a trip to his website, below, where you can check out other cute little paper figures he's made.

Zelda [George Alexopoulos, via GamOvr]


    jesus christ...

      Is that what passes for a comment these days?
      Too short, poorly researched, insensitive, and boring.

      0 out of 10.

      what happened to "I hate you Luke" ?

      Even 'name' is shocked at how ridiculous Plunkett's habit of carpet bombing the frontpage with inane, relinked bullshit have become. I'm in the same boat.

        If people have a problem with articles here, vote by clicking, or in this case, not clicking.
        no one reads the articles, they wont get posted.

        sophisticated & meaningful comments** posted by people such as 'name' do not fix the issue.

        **boring, repetitive tripe

          and for the record, Plunkett's articles don't bother me one way or the other. they're usually good for something at least a bit interesting. & if not, I hit that back button & get on with my life.

    Long winded justification long winded justification. If someone doesn't like the quality of the journalism they are able to say so.

      indeed they are. but there's a way to do it that does not involve acting like a jerk.

        Apparently you miss the irony of telling others to get on with their lives and to not post tripe.

    I hope this isn't the same paper cut-out guy who does 'those' cut-outs. You know the guy...

      I actually enjoyed "those" cutouts!
      We're talking about the soap dispenser and various others along that line, yes?

      Creativity out all orifices.
      ...along with soap.

    maybe Kotaku should have a dedicated Tumblr blog or something where Luke can post all this kind of stuff (this isnt sarcasm or hate btw)

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