Hi, My Name Is Skip Rogers... WORLD VIDEO GAME CHAMPION!

Hi, my name is Mark Serrels, WORLD KOTAKU EDITOR OF AUSTRALIA and I'm here to show you this video from a bygone age, from a time when you would head straight to a guy like Skip Rogers, WORLD VIDEO GAME CHAMPION for hints and tips on all the latest hot Nintendo games. COWABUNGA DUDES!

Skip Rogers got to be number one by practicing all day, every day, so you better listen to him when he gives you advice. If he tells you do a bodyslam in Wrestlemania, you better listen, because Skip Rogers is gonna show you how to win.

And don't worry if you miss something you guys, just rewind the tape!

Thanks Fortalyst

UPDATE: Apparently this was taken from a Cracked article — you can check out the whole thing here.


    Someone reads Cracked...

      What, so because Cracked used the video in an article, no one else can?

        Uhh I never said that? The Cracked article came out this week so obviously it was where it came from. I never even meant it as an insult or accusatory or anything, I'm just recognising a fellow Cracked reader.

          Hey no worries man!

          I love Cracked, but I actually missed this! I have the app. Love SeanBaby's stuff!

            I spent my lunch break today, watching this, a guy using magic tricks to pick up girls, and a kids cartoon where animals are mercilessly killed, it was well spent I thought!
            Remember guys, Hulk Hogan's kicks are exactly like Ted DiBiase's! I know I'd personally have found Mass Effect 3 easier if the guides told me Male and Female Shepard shoot exactly the same.

          My apologies! It sounded accusatory, and I went on the attack when I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.

      Is it just me or does Skip Rogers sound like Micheal Swaim doing a send up of a guy doing a voice over for an instructional video?


    I don't think you could cover all of the problems with Simon's quest in 10 minutes. It was designed intentionally to require a walkthrough.

    The Gorilla *IS* slightly cooler.

    Oh god, that was hypnotic.
    Why does he have so much trouble pronouncing the word headbu-?

    And that twist at the end! Genius!

    Not enough starwipes imo

    Drat, I missed something :(

    Oh hey, wait! I can totally just rewind the tape! :D

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