Hitman: Absolution Pre-Orders Now Featuring Retailer-Specific Bonuses

Square Enix today announced he fancy version of Agent 47's continuing stealth saga Hitman: Absolution, called the Professional Edition. The Professional Edition and standard edition are both now available for pre-order at multiple outlets, but with a small catch.

Like so many other publishers and game releases before it, Square Enix is offering different pre-order bonuses to players depending on which retailer they choose to purchase from. Four retailers are offering specific DLC weapon codes with Professional Edition pre-orders, broken down as follows:

  • Amazon: Bartoli custom pistol, with sight and silencer
  • Best Buy: Bronson 1928M SMG
  • GameStop: Agency Kazo TRG sniper rifle
  • Walmart: Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol with silencer

The Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition itself, regardless of source, includes a hardcover art book and a "making of" video, both of which can give fans further insight into the creation and design of the game. Three high-end in-game weapons also come with the upgraded version of the game: the Agency Jagd P22G pistol, the Agency HX UMP submachine gun, and the Agency SPS 12 semi-automatic shotgun.

As yet, Hitman: Absolution is slated only for a 2012 release, with no clear target date in sight. Participating retailers list the Professional Edition for $US79.99, as compared to the standard edition at the standard $US59.99.


    i am sure looking forward to hitman: conviction, i wonder if the multiplayer will be just like COD?

      Tell us all about how you know this absolutely because you've already played the game by traveling forward in time.

    Looks like a good game such a long time since a Hitman game has been released

    To bad this edtion isn't very good

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