Homemade Portal Pinball Will Teleport Into Your Heart

Action and reaction. Angles and speed. Momentum and inertia. Pinball is a game of physics. So is Portal. And that's what makes this homemade Aperture Science pinball table so great.

Reddit user iliveon built the working table with friends and says the goal is to get a pinball stuck in each portal. It's clearly a labour of love and could only be improved by having GLADoS making fun of you as you played. [via Reddit]


    Doesn't work though :(

      "Reddit user iliveon built the __working__ table with friends"

      Is it really that hard to read the article?

    I kind of just assumed that your ball would go in one portal and come out the other..(via a tube behind them, not crazy space/time distorting technology).

    Upon seeing the article title, I was expecting true speedy-thing-goes-in-speedy-thing-comes-out action via launchers with extra balls feeding into the opposite portal.. kinda like the way ye olde Star Trek:TNG pinball seems to get yer ball around the table faster than physically possible. I guess this is a bit lower tech than that.

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