How Beautiful Video Game Shirts Are Made

Japan's King of Games are one of the finest video game clothing merchants on the planet. Anyone who's owned one of their shirts, or even been around one, know they ooze quality, from the fancy boxes they ship in to the durability of the prints.

I've had a Zelda shirt of theirs around six years now and it's still in one piece, the print's all in one piece, the seams are all still holding, the works.

This video shows how some of the company's latest shirts, minted for the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series, were made.

It's pretty cool that, at least in part, they're printed by hand.

If you want one of the shirts, sorry. They were a limited run and sold out last year on the strength of preorders alone.


    And to think I'm one of the lucky ones who pre-ordered :)

    What are the machines going over the top of them?

    I am guessing dryers...

    I love shirt design, so seeing the process from this end is pretty fantastic. Thanks for the post!

    FYI that machine going over the shirts is a flash curer its essentially a dryer specifically for screen printing

    So Kotaku does infomercials now?
    Get kickbacks?

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