How Does Nintendo Sound In Korean? Like This.

Later this month, Nintendo is releasing the Nintendo 3DS in South Korea. To mark the event, Nintendo's South Korean branch held an online Nintendo Direct press conference.

The head of Nintendo Korea, Hiroyuki Fukuda and Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata both put in appearances. Instead of giving their speeches in Japanese with Korean subtitles, they gave it in Korean. The gist of the presentation covers what games are coming out for the 3DS in the region.

The Japanese exec's pronunciation is relatively clear! Some Koreans might have trouble understanding them, because of their accents. But that's pretty cool both them — especially Iwata — made the extra effort to reach out and connect with Korean gamers.

Jongsu Chang contributed to this report.


    How does Nintendo Sound In Korean: Starcraft.

    What took them so long? Seems crazy when Korea is their closest neighbour

      because korea didnt/doesnt like japan very much =b

        I don't think business and profits are delayed by politics.

        If it'll make money, they'd sell it to their worst enemy during a war.

    Still waiting for the North Korean release

    It was hilarious watching this, as it makes me feel good about my Korean level but hats off to Iwata-San on the effort. this may briefly kill off the rampant piracy until some idiots start using flash cards again

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