How 'Fun' Is Your Country Online? Find Out!

I live in Japan. Japan, according to this poll, is not having much fun on the internet. I grew up in the United States, which is so-so for online amusement. It's fun, sure, but not everyone is having a good time.

But which country is having the most fun online? And what the hell does "fun" mean? As website Tech in Asia pointed out, the Ipsos Global Public Affairs polled interviewed users in 24 countries to see what percentage entertained themselves online and how they entertained themselves online — you know, had fun on the internet.

China came in first for downloading and streaming movies/TV, downloading and streaming music, and playing video games online.

Neighbouring Japan brought up the rear in all categories. No fun!

The differences are related to not only how quickly people are adopting to internet use, but also to regulations within the country. If you can see lots of stuff online for free with few penalties, you bet internet fun will skyrocket.

Click through the above gallery to see where your country came in. If you'd like to know about the number of individuals polled, you can find that in the link below.

Interconnected World: Entertainment and Gaming [Ipos via TechInAsia]

Top photo: Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock


    Hmm, a sample size of 2-5000 being extrapolated for an overview of the worldwide statistics? Seems a trifle small.

    Also is it any wonder we don't stream as much tv as america when we have such limited options for actually getting content?

    Hey Brian,

    Since you live in Japan. Is there a reason for Japan to place so low in all categories? Whats your opinion of the online social experiences in Japan? I've always though Japan was perceived to be such an "online" society....


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