How Many People Did It Take To Break Diablo III's Servers?

There was a Diablo III open beta over the weekend. You may have played it. Then again, you may have sat around like a bunch of other people trying to play it and being unable to because Blizzard's servers were melting.

Which sucks, seeing as its essentially a singleplayer game, but hey, welcome to 2012.

Anyway, those wondering just what kind of capacity it would take to create server issues with a company like Blizzard, know that the number of people playing concurrently "peaked at around 300k".

Which is a lot. And that's what betas are for! So Blizzard can say, OK, 300,000 people created problems, so when the game actually launches, we need to be ready for more.

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    I thought I read somewhere that 1.2 million people had the annual pass which gives you Diablo 3.

    I think they need to upgrade their servers! Or you know, make single player not need an internet connection.... But what do I know about games!

      The main reason why Diablo 3 Single Player needs an internet connection is to stop pirates and Illegal copies. But just like StarCraft 2 they'll find a way around it.

        Cause thats the best way to stop pirates and not affect paying customers. Yeah right.

        Seriously, show me a computer these days that doesn't have some form of bloody perpetual internet connection and I'll show you an outdated PC that you're showing me...

          Pain in the ass for laptops though, especially on trains or flights. I live in Rural australia, and it's a 9hr train trip from Armidale to Sydney with no Wifi...

            WHAT THE FUCK! its only a bloody 2-3hr car trip from armidale to sydeny. what the train doing ? going up to lismore then back down to newcastle then on to sydney!?!

              6 hours minimum.

                ....yup. 523km. Three hours hey? What sort of car do you drive that hits 175km/hr?

                  Location – ARMIDALE, New England Region, New South Wales
                  Population 24,675
                  Postcode 2350
                  Transport Access Car, train, bus/coach, flight
                  Distance to Sydney 526 km
                  Drive to Sydney 7 hours 20 minutes
                  Train to Sydney 8 hours 15 minutes
                  Bus/Coach to Sydney 10 hours
                  Flight to Sydney 1 hour 10 minutes
                  Drive to neighbouring towns 1 hour 30 minutes to Tamworth
                  2 hours to Coffs Harbour

              No way thyco1, Lach is right, i used to go to uni up in Armidale...

            Get a phone with a hotspot and tether your laptop to your phone.

          Those working and living at sea may not have a connection that good.

            ARGH! Tis game will keep company on the lonely seas ! Wait ... nooooooooooo

          Not to mention I've been at my new residence for over a month now and I still don't have a proper internet connection.

        It's not about stopping piracy. Its about creating a perpetual revenue stream by marrying the real money auction house to the game.

    Pathetic choice always needing a connection for single player, this puts you at the mercy of the developers when you want to play this game years down the track when the game is no longer supported. Never the less I will be buying it.

      On the other hand, it'll prevent the rash of duped, hacked characters and provide secure transactions for people selling said items and characters. No longer having to trust eBay or other dodgy sites. Diablo 2's still going strong, so I wouldn't worry about D3 being unsupported down the line.

        How the hell does always online DRM prevent duped items? Those are all issues with online gameplay. Singleplayer games don't have that issue. And they already had online-only characters in Diablo II, with no always online DRM bullshit. I sincerely doubt the Internet Hate Machine is taking time out of its busy schedule to hack your gibson and plant duped items on your offline machine.

    Lucky for you then Liam that you are buying a blizzard game, the company which has continued to provide support for a 12 yr old game even though it's sequel is put.

    I'd say it's likely that Blizzard did this so they could find that magical crash number and work out how many servers they need based on pre orders and annual pass numbers. Hopefully this means no crash on launch day.

    They intentionally throttled many functions to get a bead on what could go wrong on overflow. At least that is what was claimed.

    At the end of the day, a SINGLE PLAYER game - or at least the single player portion of it being unplayable because of server stress is really shitty.

      Yep. I love the Diablo series and would love to jump to Blizzard's defence on this, but I can't.

    I played the beta before it was open to everyone and I didn't think that the always online was a problem (with the exception of when the servers went down for maintenance) but over the weekend when the servers were busy there was lag in my single player game. That bullshit does not make sense.

    I love that the image used shows another dungeon that's BLUE in colour. Why oh why did Blizzard make a WoW guy their main Art Director? Children may be good with blocks but it doesn't mean you make them CEO of a construction company..

    this is actually wrong. blizzards servers are currently set up to support the beta only and there is only location at the moment.
    blizzard also intentionally capped the servers during the open beta in order to perform tests.

    it is in no way a real representation of what their server capacities will be like at launch. and they have already commented/discussed this.
    pretty poor article.

    I downloaded late friday night and had no problems playing it over the weekend bar an hour on sunday morning. Ended up playing through the beta 9-10 times in the end. Can't wait for May 15th now :D

    Play a different game while you're away from the net, or read a book or even spend time with loved ones. Then when you have the net connection back ignore life for Diablo 3.

    Played with no issues over the weekend, even when messages came up saying they were limiting access. Only time I couldn't play was a server restart.

    My mate had an issue connecting at login screen, but tried again and worked perfectly.

    Looking forward to May 15, and dropping some real cash on some sweet epics.

    So, just to clarify. I won't be able to play this offline? gay...

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