I Don't Know If I Want To See The Avengers. But The Avengers (On A Budget)? Hell, Yes.

How the brilliant "On a Budget" trailer series by Table 8 Productions doesn't have a million YouTube views is a mystery to me. Their latest get-together, "The Avengers (on a Budget)" is solid gold, showcasing all of the members of the filmmaking gang in superhero roles.

The production knows when to be a shabby shot-for-shot recreation, and when to ad-lib, and the whole thing comes together in two minutes of hilarity. If you enjoyed this, by all means, see Table 8's "Green Lantern (on a Budget)" and "Captain America (on a Budget)". I don't know who the great big guy is who plays Cap, and the bad guy in Green Lantern, but he steals every scene and that's saying something.

Marvel's The Avengers (on a budget) [Table 8 Productions, seen via Greg Wyshinski/Puck Daddy's Twitter]


    Meh. It was alriight.

    This is definitely the best sweded video though:

      Sweded Avengers trailer was better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4CW6jzVuRs

    This is why the better comedy troupes in this world parody things where they can actually look the part (at least to some decent extent). These guys are relying purely on the fact that they are really out of shape and unattractive compared to their subjects. It's rather sad that these folk would rather get attention from having people laugh AT them rather than people laughing WITH them.

      wtf? you trollin', bro?

    well obviously no expense was spared for captain america and black widows gym memberships lol

    Loved it! Great way to start my mother*&^%$*# monday!

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