I Don't Usually Like 'Guy With Instruments Playing Video Game Music' Videos, But This Is Amazing

I think we've all seen our fair share of "guy with instruments playing video game music" videos on YouTube.

This one is different. No, seriously.

Multi-instrumentalist Freddie Gredde (who in the past has made triumphant sitcom and cartoon medleys) goes on a journey through 34 classic video game tracks in 10 minutes.

It. Is. Fucking. Awesome.

There's not much more I can say for it than that. Every time you think he's done your favourite game anthem, he breaks into another one. It never stops giving. Until it does stop, at which point you'll want to watch it again. Special props to Louis Abramson for killing it on drums.

You can buy the MP3 here.

I raise my horns to you, Freddie.

Video Game Rock Medley [YouTube via Zelda Universe]


    7:46 song of storms <3.

      Translates to metal awesomely

    The drummer is a different guy... look at his arms.

      And he has a completely different haircut.

      Hence him being credited as a different guy :P

    This is so damn good.

    Would have preferred these songs in the game orchestras instead of music from all those newer games.

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