I Must Acquire This GLaDOS Pokéball Immediately

deviantART user wazzy88 just uploaded this beauty, and I immediately knew I'd have to have it.

Too bad the pokéball will undoubtedly not contain GLaDOS' famous snarky wit. Maybe you can hear it if you put it under water.

The GLaDOS Pokeball [deviantART via Reddit]


    Here's my wallet. Take my money.


    you do realise its a mock up? ie: not a real thing?

    HA! I saw this picture earlier (several hours before this was posted) and actually considered sending it in to Kotaku with a few sentences followed by "Can I have a job?"

    I missed my opportunity to be the internet's version of a parrot. A paid one at that! Curses!

    What do you want!?

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