I Wish This Star Trek Phaser Was Real

Sadly, this is probably just a camera trick involving smoke and LED lights. But what if a man actually built a working Star Trek phaser? What if he used it to pop balloons? What if he brought it to a bank and took everybody hostage?

What if he used all of the money to build more Star Trek devices, like a working spaceship with its own holodeck? What if his evil, bearded twin from a parallel dimension came out and challenged him to one-on-one combat for rulership of the universe? What if he won? What if he turned us all into tribbles?

Guy Builds A Star Trek Phaser [YouTube — Thanks Terrence!]


    LOL, it is real stupid. Laser and some smoke for effect... derp.

    Um... You can buy more powerful lasers on the internet, so I daresay the only thing fake about it is the sound it plays when firing. Pretty sure the smoke is also real.

    Looks like a bluray laser amped up and put inside a toy phaser to me, nothing fake about that.

    I think he used one of those powerful laser-penlights you can buy on teh intarnets.

    I think one particular one can burn through a thin strip of metal in a few minutes?
    And you're supposed to rrly use these for pointing at stuff on a whiteboard??

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