If Nintendo Made Children's Books...

...they wouldn't just be awesome, they'd be this awesome.

They're the work of artist Caldwell Tanner, and it's making me incredibly upset that these aren't real books that can be bought and read to children who will grow up thinking the wrong story is so damn right.

Video Game Childrens Books [LOLDWELL, via Super Punch]


    If luke posted videogame articles...

    I'd still hate him

      This name is an imposter! Name does not use upper case letters.

        Nestama, name doesn't exist, he is just like slash.

    the biterness is strong, just cause you dont get paid to find awesome things to do with otaku culture m8er

      biterness (sic)... I think a lot more people have issues regarding Plunkett's output than his need to relink bullshit and pass it off as journalism. There's a time and place for news aggregation but Jesus Christ, at least attempt to write something.

    Those are unreal, esp. the Dr. Seuss Mario rendition
    I would have lost my sh1t as a kid if these were a real thing back in the day

    These would be cool as hell if they were real.

    I like the Starfox and Link ones. =D

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