If You Hated Star Wars: Kinect Dancing, You'll Cry Over These GIFs

The dancing in Star Wars: Kinect is admittedly quite silly to say the least. But you don't need to chalk this latest Star Wars-branded product up to a scar on your childhood memories.

Instead, let's celebrate the sheer ridiculousness that is the Star Wars parody dance moves and songs. But apparently a lot of die-hard Star Wars fans don't appreciate seeing the likes of stormtroopers and Boba Fett dancing like they're trying to make it on Dancing With The Stars. We're talking about watching bounty hunters do the "wookie hug" here, after all.

That said, how hilarious do these gifs look? And imagine dropping one of these on your friend's lap the next time they go on about the treachery that has been done to a favourite franchise. The look of horror on their face after showing them Boba Fett shimmying about is totally worth whatever backlash you get for it.

This truly has to be the next Rickroll trolling tactic.


    *scolling down* i don't want to live on this planet anymore *princess leia* WAIT!!! yes i do:)

      Leia's hair goes through her neck, like some kind of magic braid.

        gah, can't unsee

        That is freaking me out now, I couldn't play it

    I just picture Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch laughing softly to himself. He's reached breaking point after all the criticism and now openly trolling the fans. :P

    I like how Leia's hair goes through her neck every time it makes a circuit. I guess they were too busy focusing on other things.

    Y'know what? I'm okay with this.
    Fans didn't rage with the Yoda Dancing easter egg on the Revenge of the Sith DVD, I see this as on the same level. That stormtrooper pelvic thrusting makes it pretty awesome actually.

      That easter egg was great. I'm nod adverse to a bit of Slave Leia dancing either. Because y'know Carrie was hawt back then.

    This is amazing.

      Words do not even begin to describe how terrible this is..

    I actually think that's pretty awesome. If the game was cheaper, I'd get it for this mode alone.

    i hate you tina

    Now that just made my day. I'll pick this one up for my kids to Kinect dance to thus keeping the SW universe alive for another generation.

    Seriously, why does everyones crotch flash talk in this game? I am disturbed.

    Is there a C3PO robot dance to Harder Better Faster Stronger? Would totally dig that.

    Dunno about you but I think I've got a case of Lando Fever!

    So bad it's good. No joke, after so much shit Star Wars stuff, it's a relief to have "so bad it's good"

    Now we just need someone to edit this http://gifs.gifbin.com/082009/1250530813_dancing_storm_troopers.gif with all the graphics and scoring.

    what I don't understand is why did they position all the "awesome" and "great" etc right across the crotch area. They could've put it under the dancer's feet or above their heads or anywhere really.

      it's like they know people are gonna laugh at their game anyway, so might as well make it deliberately ridiculous

    What's the (Star Wars) world coming too? Hey it is pretty funny though... but between this and Star Wars connect, I think Lucas has gone a bit loopy, * cancels Battlefront 3, makes Star Wars dancing game... god help us all

    after the prequels i stopped caring. Lucas is intent on letting any licence star wars for the purpose of destroying it.

    Me: Mr Lucas's I'd like to make a star wars porno.
    Lucas: sure sure, do whatever you want. Leia with Jabba, Jabba with Luke, R2D2 with Han Solo. just make sure its the most depraved piece of film you can produce.
    Me: um sure, wasn't thinking of going there but hey its the biggest thing you've ever done in your life and your the boss...
    Lucas: JUST DESTROY IT!!

    This is terrible simply because the next time I see a stormtrooper thrusting his pelvis, I'll automatically think of the word "AWESOME"

    Flashing crotches? Who was the art director of this rubbish?

      Rubbish? This is pure gold lol!

    I think it's cute that this crap happens to Star Wars every 2 or 3 months nowadays... but he still refuses to acknowledge that the 'Holiday Special' happened...

    Wow, Leia looks incredibly unhealthy

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