If You've Got A Problem, Maybe You Can Hire The Angry Birds Team

Angry Birds is everywhere. The A-Team used to be everywhere. Put them together, and you've got 30 years of pop culture condensed into one minute of flash animation.

If I died tomorrow and you played this video at my funeral, first off who the hell invited you to my funeral? Secondly, as the church police are dragging you out of the cemetery, my friends and family will note how neatly this silly little animated cartoon summarizes the life and times of Michael Fahey. From cradle to the grave, The A-Team to Angry Birds.

Realisations like these are exactly why people turn to a life of crime, donning berets and trying to blow up a team of hired mercenaries framed for a crime they didn't commit.

The Angry Team (Angry Birds & The A-Team) [YouTube — Thanks Nathan]


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