Ill-Fitting Kitana Cosplay Meets Gravel-Walking Mileena In Live-Action Mortal Kombat

Remember the ill-fitting costume that the Kitana model wore to promote Mortal Kombat on the Vita? And the model who had to brave fields of gravel in heels as Mileena?

The two have finally met for the latest advertisement featuring Mortal Kombat on the Vita. Their in-game personas fight to the death while their real-life counterparts sport feisty poses in their costumes. Seems like ill-fitting costumes win this round.


    So is this version of the game banned in Australia, (since the console version was banned?)

      The Vita title is basically the Komplete Edition, although there are some minor changes... the Komplete Edition was actually submitted for review earlier this year and failed (obviously)...

      I would imagine that classification would also include the Vita version or they will simply not bother to try this time.

      That being said, there is unlikely to be any DLC for the Vita title, so importing it shouldn't be a hassle.

        DUDE ITS OUT AND R18+ boom!

    YAY, more re-news on kotaku.

    I think Kotaku staff should learn/be taught how to use its own website search function before posting an article.

    Ill-fitting? Only if you are a gay male. It looked perfectly fine from where I was watching from.

      Bob, completely agree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way those models are rocking those costumes.

      On some fundemental level there is something really wierd and off about Kotaku. I might understand if a female blogger hates an obvious "sex sells" commercial, but even the male bloggers all come off sounding like effeminite queens - and that's probably being unfair to effeminite queens.

      Unless Kotatu's demographic is 30-50 year old house wives that teach bible school, they might want to think about their pervasive "anti-sex" attitude that seems to be nearly any article with a female game character. I'm no where near a mysognistic bastard, but hell I like boobs. I know I am being marketed at by game companies because I like boobs. I am okay with this. I don't need Kotaku bloggers getting indignant for me.

      Also... boobs. (Sorry, had to say it again)

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