Imagine Your Balls Are A Control Pad And You Can Beat Cancer

This poster is part of a new series of ads put together by the Liga Contra el Cancer in Peru, urging men to play with their balls more often in an effort to help stop testicular cancer.

Not that many men will need the encouragement, but the "give your fingers a better use" motif is a catchy one. Maybe not as catchy as the pink undies, but catchy.

So, yes. Male readers, put down those controllers and give yourself a feel. It's for a good cause!

Xbox Your Balls (Testicular Cancer Ads) [Buzzfeed, thanks Mark!]



    Pfft as if we need a special pair of underwear to partake in that. As if we need undies at all!

    so playing with your balls reduces testicular cancer, boy I must be immune by now.

      ^ LOL LOL LOL ..... *wipes away tears* this comment alone made my day :)

      You should stage a fap-a-thon for charity.

    ...looks kinda like a wookie...

    I found a lump on my left testicle early last year and went to have it checked ASAP. Turned out to be a benign epididymal cyst, but it was enough to scare me.

    If you ever find something down there, get it checked out.

      I feel sorry for the poor bastards that find paris hilton down there when they check - removing that things requires a surgeon AND an exocist

        This is why they wear gloves :D

        And sometimes just putting them in the waste disposal is not enough. Sometimes they burn them.

      I'm in the same boat. I had to go in, get an ultra-sound and all that which sucked so, so much, but it was worth it.
      It's also very important to start checking early just so you know what 'normal' feels like. My cyst was small enough when I first noticed it that I could have easily mistaken it for normal. Thanks to the fact I've been checking since I was like 21 I knew right away that something was wrong. If it was testicular cancer catching it that early would have been a massive help.

      +1 again, but I took a good six months to get it checked out (I just figured it would go away). They ended up cutting the whole lot out though :\

      It does make for good awkward jokes though, such as "I would give my left nut for..."


    A Playstation 3 controller? Ick!

      Is it mere coincidence that the analog sticks are directly on his balls?

        It's probably the reason it was chosen. Despite a more comfortable layout, I'd be worried if someone's bollocks were more closely aligned with the 360 controller

    name hasn't commented yet on a Luke Plunkett article of questionable quality?


    Yeah I've had the whole ultrasound and urology tests. Horrible shit to go through but gives peace of mind. Not fun finding a lump down there. Turned out I needed to loose weight cos my thighs where rubbing up against my nuts too much which caused inflammation and aches. Since loosing 20kgs i still have issues, but nowhere near as much. Guys, check around. It's not a joke.

    17 comments and no playing with a joystick joke? for shame =b

    I love how the title sounded like a Molydeux game idea :P

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