In A Perfect World, We'd Be Able To Buy This Zelda LEGO

Late last year, a man had an idea for a Zelda-themed LEGO set. I liked his work. But it was also a little basic. Now, a rival set has come along, with full plans for not just minifigs but playsets as well, and it is great.

Ragaru's plans include large, detailed and impressive sets based on Hyrule Field, the Temple of Time, Sheik's Well, the Water Temple and even a range of accessories like bottles, chests, keys, fairies and grass.

It's been submitted to LEGO's Cusoo page, nominally for projects that might actually one day be made. Seeing as this deals with another company's property, it never will, but master LEGO builders can at least take inspiration from the designs!

The Legend of Zelda Project [LEGO]


    lego+anything= DUDE IT IS GOOD

      Except lego minecraft.

    isnt zelda minecraft good enough?

    There's already a Lego Zelda project which has been up on Cuusoo for a while and is nearing 10,000:

      That's the one that Luke mentioned in the first sentence of this article.

    Fantastic design in these sets. You should check out the other guy's stuff, it's been continuously updated and looks great too.

    We will soon have Minecraft LEGO
    We already have Zelda Minecraft

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