In Case You Missed It, Legend Of Grimrock Is Out

In Skyrim, you cast a spell by selecting it from a menu and pressing a mouse button. As you might have guessed, one must know the spell they wish to cast beforehand. In Legend Of Grimrock, released only days ago, you blindly tap runes and hope for the best. Oh, you can find scrolls with rune "recipes" on them, but you still have to tap them out in combat. This is, of course, how real wizards cast spells.

Legend of Grimrock is a love letter to Dungeon Master, but if you've ever played Stygian Abyss, any of the early Wizardry games, Bard's Tale or even Black Crypt, you'll feel a twinge of nostalgia watching the launch video above, unless you're dead inside.

I desperately want to play it. Desperately. But until the weekend is over, I have to feed off of threads like this and hopefully, comments from you guys.

So, let me know how you're finding it! If you haven't bought it already, it's available now on Steam and GOG (currently 10 per cent off at both retailers).


    Damned Skeletons...

    So wish I had enough money to get this game. I used to love the old crawler games!

      game is only 13 dollars at the moment, so starve for a night and you should be golden.

        From what I'm hearing it's a steal at that price. I'd have gone as high as $20, I reckon.

    Eye of the Beholder nostalgia for me. Don't forget to mention their old-school mode, complete with their own customized graph paper rather than using the automap

      Yeah, keen to give the old school mode a crack. When you see features like this, you know you're onto a good thing.

      Time for a trip to OfficeWorks....

        Printable Grimrock gridpaper is included with it!

        (Not sure if you need a special version - check included content.)

    I played it briefly last night and it's excellent. I spent five minutes tricking giant snails into a hole in the ground and then I fell down there and got destroyed by heaps of giant snails! I had it coming.

    $13 is indeed a steal for this. I've made it to level 3 of the dungeon so far. Its an old school crawler that looks and plays like a modern game. I haven't been able to fault it yet.

    Love it!

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