In China, You Can Eat The IPhone 5

The inevitable iPhone 5 might not be out in the West yet, but it's out in China. And it's delicious-looking.

This "mango-flavored" ice cream treat boasts a "Western-style flavor" and is shaped like Apple's iconic logo. It kind of looks like a fried egg. There also appears to be a pear-flavored version.

The ice cream carries the name "iPhone 5" in English, because Apple didn't register its trademarks across a variety of industries. This means that cheeky Chinese companies can slap a trademark on iPhone frozen snacks and companies are applying for iPhone branded hiking equipment and iPad branded concrete.

In China, the iPhone 5 is so damn good, you can taste it. Literally.

米口合希 [Weibo via ロケットニュース]


    Sweet, I wouldnt mind getting myself an iphone 5

    Gotta love china

    Cool, iPhone 5 apparently supports Internet Explorer. Wonder if it does flash

    I love the whole mindset behind this idea -"How can we sell more icecream?" "Add iPhone"

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