In Dust 514, PS3 Armies Will Do Jobs For PC Players, Until It's Time For A Double-Cross

Dust 514 is a free-to-play first-person-shooter on the PlayStation 3 that will connect to the massively multiplayer online game Eve Online. This much we've known for several months, but pardon me for still having trouble processing how it's going to work.

Enter David Reid from CCP, the company behind both games, CCP, who demoed 514 for me in New York City last week. (Watch the video above to learn much more about the game.)

Let's be honest: the FPS here doesn't look like it's in the same league as a Battlefield. Not in terms of graphics or gameplay. But I don't see why people would play 514 for that. I figure they'll play it for the amazing promise of being part of rival PS3 armies that are called in by galaxy-dominating PC players to settle their interstellar squabbles. PC players can fire orbital strikes down from their spaceships onto the battlefields full of PS3 players; and PS3 players can fire cannons back up at PC players. You can support your side, but, hey, in Eve fashion, anyone can screw anyone else over.

Enjoy the clip. This game better deliver, because the developers are making some wonderful promises!


    Looks pretty cool, just hope the graphics get a bit better (and an eventual PC launch)

      I think a PC launch would kill the idea of the two different perspectives of the PS3 mercenaries and the PC Eve overlords. Having them as totally seperate but integrated games and platforms opens up a whole lot of potential.

    Blayde i can see this getting very interesting we could have a ps3 uprising and have the ps3 attacking there pc overlords a resistance movement perhaps. These developers realy nail emergent gameplay i think this is fantastic (if it works).

    I like the concept.

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