In The Future, We Will Play Holographic Video Games On The Toilet

Bravest Warriors is an upcoming animated series from the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward. It's about some kids being heroes in space. It's also got the most awesome video game system I have ever seen.

Yes, Adventure Time fans, more awesome than Beemo. Sorry.

In this test footage from the series (so excuse the animation and temporary voice acting), we see the team have a holographic video game system installed on their can. So they can sit, poop and not just play iPhone/DS games, but play proper games displayed in projective 3D.

It's called the "Holo-John".

It's a future I very much want to be a part of. Especially since, in my last proper office job, I was officially disciplined for playing Advance Wars on the toilet.


    toilet gaming is absolutely the future.

    Ahh, the history of Luke's professional achievements is unveiled, slowly yet surely.

    A new show has appeared on my radar. Looks promising.

    Guess who's gonna watch this! It's me!

    Oh, didn't give people time to guess. But still!

    i read this while using the toilet, lol

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