In This Fan-Made Brawler, You Kick Ass With Paper

While trying to learn more about all the anime characters in the PSP crossover RPG Heroes Phantasia, I became interested in Read or Die. After watching the 2001 anime, I found myself already hunting for a game from the series. But despite eleven books, a manga, and two anime series, no game has ever been produced.

Unless you count unlicensed fan games, that is.

Ele Paper Action is a 2005 title from indy developer Egs-Soft, which features both the animes' (OVA and TV series) protagonists — Yomiko Readman and the Paper Sisters respectively — as playable characters in an arcade-style brawler.

As you can see in the video above, playing as Yomiko demands slow, careful fighting, but she comes with a full complement of paper-controlling powers you can change on the fly. The sisters, on the other hand, have only one power per girl; however, the three of them together can slaughter enemies in a fast-paced, chaotic blur.

Of course, just when you get used to playing as either character, the game suddenly becomes a side-scrolling shoot 'em up.

While it's possible to find Ele Paper Action in places like Akihabara, anyone outside Japan will probably have a tough time finding a copy. However, if you're just dying to try it out, there is a demo of the game on Egs-Soft's official website (and direct link for those you can't read Japanese). Enjoy!


    Yarr harr fiddle dee dee.

      do what you want 'cause a pirate is free

    but in all seriousness. the studio, easy game station already has two games on steam. localized by carpe fulgur. reccetear and chantelese. neither are particularly bad. try them out too,

    .... 1:23, isn't that mechazawa? D:

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