In Video Game Years The Xbox 360 Is A Lonely Old Man

The Xbox 360 is very, very old.

It's older than the iPhone, which came out a year and a half after we got the 360. It's older than Barack Obama's presidency by three years. We got the Xbox 360 before three even-year Modern Warfares and the three Call of Duty games that came out in the odd years.

When the Xbox 360 came out, you were more than six years younger. And surely by now you figured you'd have a newer Xbox to buy?

The length of the current era of video game hardware is unprecedented in video game history. Nothing can express that better than an infographic.

So here's an infographic...

Click here for the full image, suitable for framing and St Patrick's Day parades.


    C64? Atari 2600?

      Going by the way the inforgraphic was set up the 360 beats both the C64 and the Atari 2600. The Atari 2600 was succeeded by the Atari 5200 in 1982, only 5 years after the launch of the 2600. The C64 was succeeded by the C128 in 1985, 3 years after the launch of the C64. Just because these consoles did not do as well as their predecessors does not change the fact that they are their successors.

    Yes BUT support and PRODUCTION from cbm and Atari went for far longer than that. Which is my point. Just because a successor arrives doesn't mean the predecessor is dead.

    There were Playstations in 1985? Wow, my childhood was a lot more low-tech than I thought...
    Anyway, on that note, how come we have NES and SNES but no comparison to PS2 which lived for a very long time? 6 years isn't really that long compared to PS2, and then there's the DS if you discount all the revisions to the form factor. The PSP also launched earlier that year (2005) and is still selling pretty well. It may be old, but it's certainly got a lot of company at the Old Folk's home.

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