Indie Gem To The Moon Is Going To The Steam

Indie Gem To The Moon Is Going To The Steam

The wonderfully touching indie game To the Moon will be on Steam soon, creator Kan Gao said on Twitter today. He’s still working out the exact date. [Kan Gao]


  • And no doubt when the money comes pouring in – he will abandon the consoles like a ___________ abandons their ____________.
    Finish the line yourselves.

  • Here’s a mini-review I’d written after “playing” it last year:
    I’ve just played through this fascinating interactive novel called To The Moon. It could be called a computer game, but really it’s just a story with the interface and appearance of a game. I would go as far as calling it art, painted on a different canvas. A bit Eternal Sunshine On A Spotless Mind, a bit Momento, the story sees scientists using a machine to traverse a man’s memories, on his deathbed, with the goal of making an alteration to them that grants him a final wish, inside his mind. As they explore backwards through his life’s memories, it’s essentially a beautiful love story, told in reverse. As they uncover memories long hidden, things become painted in a new light, mysteries are solved and tragedies are revealed. There are some truly emotional twists. This was one of the most touching stories that I’ve experienced in a long time. Captivating, beautiful and brilliant. I’d highly recommend checking it out (it’s worth the price of a movie ticket for entry that’s required).

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