Insane ‘Tube Transport’ Will Zip You From New York To LA In 45 Minutes

Insane ‘Tube Transport’ Will Zip You From New York To LA In 45 Minutes

This ridiculous video envisions a hypothetical future much like the television show Futurama, in which humanity’s main method of travel is via super-fast transport tubes.

Using these tubes, patented by the folks at ET3, you could hypothetically travel around the entire world in six hours. Six hours! Now all they need is money to build these things. Kickstarter, anyone?

Evacuated Tube Transport could take you around the world in just 6 hours [YouTube via Reddit]


  • This is what the world needs.
    First develop it city to city to phase out local flights flights then internationally to phase those out too.
    Flying will simply be enjoyed rather than being a resource wasting necessity.

    Great work, lets get to it.

  • the theory needs some legitimate emergency response scenarios to ever see the light of day. ie:
    -sea-water entering tube
    -power failure
    -explosion within tube
    -destruction/diconnection of tube

  • apparently they’re already built in the US (the Rand corporation came up with a proposal in the 60s). Tunnel building technology is more then advanced to build the network.

    In fact some argue that one of the terminals for this secret underground network is under the new Denver airport (which incidental has some of the most gruesome/disturbing art work ever shown in a public space. makes me feel physically sick and this is someone who laughs like a idiot at “Brain Dead”).

    I’d dare say though if these secret networks exist they’d hardly allow commercial ones to be built considering that they’d soon discover the secret network.

    • Lol. So I heard that back in the day the man built this secret thing to keep it to themselves using tax money and now they wont let us build one because then we’d know they have one.

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